Why the Peacock Represents Verdi Consulting, LLC

Kat Verdi is constantly asked the same question from curious clients; “why is the logo a peacock?” or “what does the logo mean?” This caused her to do some research of her own about her favorite color and the creature she instinctively chose to represent her business. She would come to learn that the peacock reflects many of the traits she sees in herself and symbolizes her professional goals. These goals and ideals were only strengthened by the additional meanings associated with her chosen color. 

The peacock is an extraordinarily unique animal. Not only is it one of the few flightless birds in existence but it also has a beauty that simply cannot be compared. From its vibrant blue coat to its array of mesmerizing feathers and even the peculiar crown upon its head, the peacock stands out among other animals. As beautiful as they are, their feathers are actually used for protection against threats. In Persian Mythology, peacocks are thought to symbolize guardians, mainly warding off illness, poison, and misfortune. Just like the peacock, Kat protects those who are unable to protect themselves.

There are many different meanings associated with the peacock, such as loyalty, love, leadership, guidance, and family. Kat Verdi holds these same values dear to her and she does her best to display them every day, especially through her profession. Kat has a passion and deep love for her job, which is quite fitting as a peacock seen in dreams is meant to foretell success and a career that you have desired. 

For as long as she can remember, she loved the color purple. Despite her appeal for its magnificent shade, the meaning associated with this color is what drove her to include it in her logo. A simple search would reveal that purple represents royalty, independence, wisdom, devotion, passion, pride, and creativity, just to name a few. These are all traits belonging to Kat, royalty being the only exception, but it is still fitting. Royalty can be found within the peacock as, with the crown upon its head and its fan of feathers, they resemble elegant monarchs. 

Speaking of the peacock’s feathers, their unique features complement a secondary meaning of this vibrant color. Purple can also be associated with spirituality, fulfillment, vitality, and, most importantly, the third eye. The feather of a peacock contains a design that many believe resembles an eye. The third eye is meant to be a gift of wisdom, bringing perception beyond ordinary sight. As a healthcare specialist, Kat must be aware of all the happenings within her field in order to provide wisdom to her clients who are treading in new waters. 

With all these meanings made clear to her, she combined them to form her slogan. “I empower YOU to be a confident presence in any facet life presents to you.” Her goal is to empower families with her guidance as she believes knowledge is power and she provides knowledge to her clients. With this knowledge, she now wants you to be confident in yourself and your own decisions in order to help your loved ones through all that life throws your way.