My passion for this line of work stems from my childhood. I’m the oldest of two children, and my brother is two years younger than me. During delivery, he lost oxygen and has suffered from epilepsy since birth. My parents were loving, overprotective, and riddled with fear. Perhaps this is how I formed my instinct to be a protective caregiver. 


Going out to play with friends was terrifying for my mother as she always worried about her son. Despite her anxiety, my brother and I had a very happy childhood, yet I grew up a bit faster than the rest of my peers. As a child, I was always aware of my brother's location, keeping at least one eye on him at all times. I never knew when he would have a seizure, but I did know that it was my job to be there for my little brother and keep him safe. 


I entered the geriatric senior living industry approximately a decade ago, and I quickly realized how many adult children become caregivers to their parents by default. The one common denominator was that, as caregivers, we are not as well versed as we should be in the myriad of options and decisions available to us. I, myself, am the caregiver for three people: my mother, father, and brother. This was my a-ha moment; I realized I had the knowledge and experience to share with fellow caregivers. This is when I chose to be an advocate for caregivers, aging adults, and LGBTQ+ Elders. I was compelled to share my journey and guide others on their own path. In doing so, it is my passion and commitment to educate and empower families to be the best advocate possible for their loved ones.


“Empowering YOU to be a confident presence”