Marie is a lovely 99 years old lady enjoying participating with the Sociavi Reveal, where she calls the Labrador "cute" and she sees the dog smiling.

In the last clip, she participates in the program "Match the Number". She recognizes all the American Icons, and remarkably when she recognizes Dr. Martin Luther King, she says "United States".

The Activities Director beams at the engagement with purpose every time her resident recognizes, reveals and articulates during her participation in these activities.

Tim is a 93 years old man living with dementia at a lovely assisted living.

Please listen closely as he had trouble speaking at first.

The beauty of this video is that it truly portrays the power of the Sociavi programs.

The kitten in this activity sparks past memories of his mom.

He recalls the kitten's name which then reminds him of the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", that he ends singing for us....amazing!

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