Kat is a wife and loving mother of two. She was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. She attended the Academy of St. Aloysius, an all-girl High School where the foundation of her independent thinking and empowerment of fellow women began. In 1991, she graduated from St. Peter’s College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management & Marketing. In 1997, she obtained her Master of Arts in Teaching from Monmouth University and, during the unprecedented Covid19 pandemic, attained a Hospitality & Tourism Management Certificate from Florida Atlantic University 2020. 


Kat is the Founder of Verdi Consulting, LLC where she works as a Senior Living & Healthcare Transition Advocacy Consultant for Caregivers, Aging Adults & LGBTQ Elders. Approaching a decade of experience in geriatric healthcare, she has been assisting families with “healthcare transitions” including those affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s. Kat leads with a passion and shares her professional tenure, which covers every aspect of senior healthcare, and how dramatically the landscape of “Aging in America” has changed. She guides and creates a plan of action while advocating for families through the many facets and decisions they face with their aging loved ones. Kat is a proud Affiliate of the LGBTQ+ Senior Housing & Care, LLC where she serves as Director of Sensitivity Development, a specialist in LGBTQ+ older adult care. She provides LGBTQ+ training on cultural humility, sensitivity, and competency education to eldercare service and housing providers, businesses, corporations, public civil service entities, and educational institutions. In 2021, Kat has been appointed as the Secretary for the Central New Jersey Chapter of the National Organization of the CMSA (Case Management Society of America).

Kat serves as a sound resource for anyone caring for a loved one. Her mission is the “3E’s”; Educate, Empower, and Encourage caregivers. Kat shares her family's personal journey with Dementia & Alzheimer’s. She explains how cultural denial, acceptance, and decisions that had to be made were a challenge for her family and how this is common amongst so many caregivers. She connects her personal and professional experience with those aging-in-place by addressing their biggest issue at the moment, depression and isolation. Kat hopes that caregivers are empowered to ask more questions and become better involved with their loved one's healthcare journey so they can be their best advocates.

I empower YOU to be a confident presence in any facet life presents to you.